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Special Dial Gauges


Do you need a Dial Gauge fitting to your individual needs or a customized special version?

We carry out your ideas concerning design, technical features and characteristics of measuring method. 
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Distance Measuring Gauge Quickmess with integrated measuring stops Ø 1, 3 and 5 mm

Due to its integrated measuring stop, Quickmess eliminates the need of a special measuring device when measuring small parts with small diameters and a maximum length of 30 mm.
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Tyre Depth Gauge PTM with round base

By means of the Tyre Depth Gauge PTM the tread depth of vehicle tyres can be accurately measured.
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JKA FEINTASTER Precision Gauge with contact jaws

This special measuring instrument has been specially designed for the watchmaker.
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Customized Dial Gauges

Abstandsmessgerät Quickmess

Distance Measuring Gauge Quickmess

Profiltiefenmessgerät PTM

Tyre Depth Gauge PTM

JKA Feintaster

JKA FEINTASTER Precision Gauge