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  Sonder- und Spezialmessgeräte - Klick für größere Darstellung Do you need a Dial Gauge fitting to your individual needs – a customized special version ? We carry out your ideas concerning design, technical features and characteristics of measuring method. For example see our Saw Setting Dail Gauges. compatible accessories:

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Käfer - Quickmess


Due to its integrated measuring Stopp, QUICKMESS eliminates the need of a spezial inspection room when measuring small parts with a diamester of up to 20mm and a maximum length of 30 mm.

For the measuring operation, the specimen is inserted into the measuring stop. It pushes the measuring insert upwards.
The stop limits the stoks of the spindle to the distance that requires measurement.

Zero setting of the dial on any flat surface / measuring block.
The required tolerance range is set on the dial in the normal way. In our example: ±10
The measuring operation is carried out very simply by inserting the specimens in the measuring stop.
Reading of the measurement and the tolerance. The next measuring operation can begin.

Summary of important technical details
Reading 0,01 mm/0,01 mm 0,01 mm
Range 30 mm/30 mm 30 mm
Maximum part Ø 5 mm/- 5 mm
Measuring insert Ø 3 mm/1 mm 3 mm
Measuring Stop Ø 3 mm/- 3 mm
Base -/40x12 mm -
Pre-setting screw no yes
Delivery volume Measuring Inserts 1,3,5 mm;
Measuring Stops 1,3,5 mm;
Box spanner for adjusting the
measuring stops
Measuring Inserts 1,3,5 mm;
Measuring Stops 1,3,5 mm
Box spanner for adjusting the
measuring stops
Measuring inserts and measuring stops with special dimensions are available on request.
QUICKMESS BASIS-TM will be supplied only without measuring inserts and –stops.